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Reducing episode durations of artificial joint replacement surgery


The Central Finland Healthcare District (KSSHP) began to develop a fast-track process for artificial joint replacement surgery after seeing the long durations of episodes demonstrated by NHG’s benchmarking results. By relying on the practices of international and Finnish hospitals, KSSHP managed to reduce the waiting time duration of its artificial joint replacement procedures by over 50%.


After KSSHP combined and mobilized best practices from different hospitals, the time it took for their artificial joint replacement process became significantly shorter than in other hospitals – and the improvement of benchmarking results encouraged the further development of operations. Waiting times in other benchmarking hospitals have also become notably shorter.


NHG’s surgery benchmarking produces tangible knowledge about alternative approaches, resource allocation, and quality to participants. By examining operations from multiple points of view, it is possible to avoid sub-optimization, such as the reduction of episodes by increasing the share of customers referred to follow-up treatment.

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