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Strategic insight combined with data mastery will sharpen your competitive edge

Medtech companies who partner with NHG can fully realize their business potential by ensuring the value of their offering is fully understood in every customer interaction converting engagement into market leadership.

At NHG, we imagine a future where medtech innovations achieve their full potential, and transform how healthcare solutions are delivered and valued. We see a future where healthcare delivery is optimized for efficiency and effectiveness, and an ecosystem where both patients and professionals are better supported and fully empowered. 

Our path to this future starts with our deep understanding of the intricacies of healthcare and by addressing inefficiencies. We offer advanced expertise in guiding Medtech companies to showcase the value of their solutions and advance their innovations. Our role is to foster and deepen the partnership between technology and healthcare to pave the way for successful and sustainable innovations. 


Poorly structured navigation of the evolving stakeholder landscape can lead to misalignment and missed opportunities. The complexity of stakeholder relationships in medtech can be confusing and overwhelming – leading to strategies that fail to capitalize fully on your innovations’ potential.

Turn stakeholder insights into your strategic advantage.

Our goal is to accurately align your innovations with stakeholder needs in ways that drive engagement and adoption. We employ precision profiling and strategic influence mapping in ways that focus on both the decision-making bodies and the key individuals. We demystify healthcare decision-making and provide you with a clear path to implement strategies and tactics that can deliver success. 

We help build enhanced stakeholder relationships and a commanding strategic advantage. Our targeted engagement strategy not only establishes a competitive edge but also strengthens relationships, ensuring your innovations achieve the market recognition they deserve.

The gap between technological advancements and stakeholder perceptions can often hinder adoption.

Without a compelling narrative, the potential of medtech innovations risks being underutilized and undervalued – leading to reduced market penetration.

We craft compelling value stories that drive adoption and highlight outcomes.

We guide you in creating compelling, evidence-based narratives that articulate your solutions’ value. Utilizing data-driven insights, we tailor narratives that highlight the tangible benefits and long-term value of your innovations, ensuring they resonate with all stakeholders. 

Our objective is to drive increased adoption and recognition of your innovations. Through in-depth identification and selection of the most relevant mix of data sources and parameters, we deploy effective data modeling to differentiate and spotlight your medtech solutions, ensuring they stand out in a crowded marketplace and achieve the adoption level they merit. 

The underuse of data-driven strategies can often limit sales performance and growth.  

The power of data in driving sales and decision-making processes in the medtech sector can leave a lot of room for improvement, resulting in a gap between potential and actual sales performance.

Revolutionize sales strategies with insights that highlight value and outcomes.

Our strategy transforms sales approaches to emphasize value and outcomes. By employing interactive dashboards and data-driven tools we equip your sales teams with the insights needed to convey the true value of your solutions – and align with the needs and outcomes that stakeholders most value. 

We aim to significantly enhance sales effectiveness through actionable insights. Our evidence-based sales approach ensures that the value and outcomes of your solutions are communicated clearly, leading to better market penetration, adoption, and recognition of your technologies’ transformative impact. 

How well your product fits within a potential customer’s existing systems, its alignment with staff expectations, and a clear demonstration of its value to all stakeholders are often key issues for them when making a purchase decision. 

Not having this information can often lead to less than optimum purchase solutions being made. 

Strategic deployment goes beyond mere introduction; it ensures your solution becomes indispensable. The process starts with a comprehensive understanding of the departmental ecosystem where your product will be deployed. Identifying challenges and defining goals specific to your product’s context ensures a tailored approach to integration.

Elevate your medtech solution from a product to an essential service with our comprehensive value enhancement approach.

Engaging with staff through co-creation fosters buy-in and support, addressing potential challenges proactively to ensure smooth implementation. Our goal is to make the value of your medtech solutions tangible and measurable for each stakeholder. 

By establishing clear, measurable metrics for value and benefit, we not only showcase the immediate impact of your solutions but also support the ongoing communication of results. This approach ensures that the value of your innovation is understood and appreciated across the board, from clinical staff to executive decision-makers. 

Beyond deployment, we innovate additional services around your core product to maximize its value. Whether through the evaluation and development of care pathways, analysis of treatment costs, or improving patient care experiences, value-added services ensure that your solution delivers maximum benefit. This holistic approach to value enhancement positions your medtech solutions as not just tools, but as integral components of healthcare delivery. 

Our behavioral science experts and multi-stakeholder co-creation sessions offer in-depth understanding, facilitating a comprehensive view of patient journeys that informs healthcare and medtech alike. 

A lack of detailed patient journey mapping can lead to inefficiencies and misaligned priorities. Healthcare providers and medtech companies frequently face challenges in fully comprehending the intricacies of patient pathways. Without a clear understanding of these journeys, there’s a risk of overlooking critical interventions that could significantly improve patient outcomes and healthcare efficiency. This oversight can contribute to increased costs and missed opportunities for innovation and improvement in patient care.

Elevate healthcare delivery and medtech innovation with actionable insights from our detailed patient journey mappings.

Our objective is to provide actionable insights that improve care delivery and highlight valuable interventions. With 50 patient pathways already completed, we bring a wealth of experience in mapping out the nuances of patient experiences. This work lays the foundation for healthcare providers and medtech companies to identify and focus on the most impactful interventions, ensuring that efforts are directed toward areas of greatest need and potential benefit. 

Our approach involves not only mapping out the patient experience in detail but also engaging with stakeholders through workshops to co-create future healthcare solutions. By doing so, we ensure that the insights gained from our patient journey mapping directly inform strategic decision-making, enhancing the delivery of care and the development of medtech innovations. 

Through our comprehensive analysis and stakeholder engagement, we bring clarity to complex patient journeys. This integrated approach ensures that insights from patient journey mapping directly enhance strategic decision-making, thereby improving care delivery and fueling medtech innovation. 

Moreover, by providing a clear visualization of these journeys, we enable healthcare professionals and medtech companies to more effectively understand and meet the specific needs and challenges of patients. This clarity fosters targeted and effective care strategies, optimizing healthcare delivery and amplifying the impact of medtech interventions.