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Delivering expert decision support for investors

NHG provides best-in-class investment decision support for private equity, venture capital, and real-estate investors in all health and social care segments throughout the Nordics and the wider European market. 

At NHG, we understand that professional investors require leading expertise on the market dynamics of Nordic health and social care, as well as methodological expertise and wide range of services in order to gain a clear understanding that supports their investment decisions. 

We leverage our 20+ years of health and social care project experience and 250+ professionals in the Nordics – as well as our European and global partners – to deliver expert support for each investor’s decision-making process.


Investors in health and social care face the challenges of understanding complex market dynamics, evaluating market potential, and the potential risks of their investment targets. Without detailed and sector-specific due diligence, investments may carry unforeseen risks or miss potential growth opportunities.  

Investors lacking comprehensive due diligence may face post-acquisition challenges which can affect profitability and growth, such as overvalued assets, undiscovered liabilities, or misaligned business strategies.

We have advised numerous investors in their sell- and buy-side CDD efforts across the Nordics, consistently and repeatedly delivering clarity and foresight which leads to successful deals and long-term value creation.

NHG provides thorough commercial due diligence studies on target companies by leveraging our 20+ years of expertise in the health and social care sectors, along with our extensive inhouse and external expert networks in the Nordics.  

Investors can expect a comprehensive due diligence report that includes detailed descriptions and insights into the market dynamics, demand and supply forecasts and outlooks, and evaluation of potential changes in the operating environment and customer behavior – as well as any other target company specific insights needed to guide investors toward a successful transaction.

Real estate investors targeting the health and social care sectors often confront the challenges of gaining the in-depth knowledge required for evaluating property and market potentials as well as tenant risks. Without detailed and specific health and social care due diligence, the investments may face significant tenant or demand related risks. 

Investors lacking comprehensive and specialized due diligence may face post-acquisition challenges which can result in lower yields, slower appreciation, or unidentified tenant problems that can create unforeseen risks for invested capital.

Our expertise in real estate within the health and social care sectors has enabled investors to make successful portfolio acquisitions and mitigate risks to their portfolios due to the insights generated via our CDD efforts.

NHG provides thorough commercial due diligence studies on target real-estate portfolios by leveraging our 20+ years of expertise in the health and social care sectors, along with our extensive in-depth knowledge that we have gained through our industry-leading reference project portfolio.  

The investors we advise receive a comprehensive due diligence report, including detailed descriptions and insights into property-specific compliance & tenant risks, as well as an evaluation of market dynamics, supply & demand outlooks, and potential changes in legal and operating environments – along with any other property or market specific insights needed to secure a successful acquisition.

Investors and their target companies confront a range of challenges in understanding the growth opportunities and market risks adjacent to their operations. Without detailed and sector-specific market knowledge and insights, as well as strategic plans, target companies may face unidentified challenges – for example in creating feasible new growth strategies or accurately assessing lucrative growth venues. 

Without this extensive fact-based decision-making process, investors’ companies may enter late into emerging markets, invest in declining sectors, or miss out on the full potential of their investments, resulting in diminished returns. 

We provide detailed, actionable insights into, for example, market dynamics and trends, the competitive landscape, and regulatory changes – thus ensuring that our clients can capitalize on emerging opportunities while avoiding risks. 

Our clients can expect a comprehensive strategy and market knowledge support in the form of actionable and detailed growth strategies, go-to-market strategies, and market studies – thus equipping service providers with concrete knowledge and clarity that supports their strategic choices. 

We have provided numerous service providers and investors with actionable strategies that have increased their ability to seize the opportunities emerging in the complex health and social care sectors, enabling them to grow successfully.