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Creating insight with mixed-method approaches

We are your partner in international and multidisciplinary research and innovation projects where healthcare challenges are being solved.

Our research team, with more than 10 PhDs, plus data scientists and PhD students, is well-equipped to take part in large scale data-driven healthcare research projects. NHG Research and Innovation have an advanced understanding of healthcare systems and the full range of operations, processes, treatment paths, and data within the system. We are your world-class partners for scoping large scale research projects, mapping pathways from research to innovations, and identifying and engaging with relevant networks and ecosystems. We can help you to access, process and analyze Northern European Health Data as well as with validating and testing innovations.  

NHG Research & Innovation examines and solves the most complex challenges in healthcare in ways that create lasting impacts. Through research excellence, we can tackle the most complex problems in healthcare today. We are experienced experts in scoping and creating large-scale research and innovation ideas, drafting proposals, identifying and seeking funding for the solutions, bringing together key experts and partners, and leading and managing multidisciplinary and multi-partner research and innovation projects. Our work is oriented toward leading the research results toward market ready solutions, bringing innovations to market and scaling up solutions. We specialize in helping our partners to develop and implement evidence-based solutions, make better use of data, navigate regulatory hurdles, shape markets for new solutions that improve health and wellbeing for the population, and design value-based systems to implement and scale preventive and impactful improvements. 

NHG conducts scientific research focusing on interdisciplinary research and development activities in health care in areas of societal, and economic interest including advanced analytics and health economics.


We utilize network analysis to dissect the intricate connections within healthcare ecosystems, identifying key players and their interdependencies. Process mapping enables us to visualize workflows, pinpoint inefficiencies, and streamline operations for enhanced effectiveness. Our stakeholder analysis delves deep into understanding diverse perspectives through interview studies and focus group interviews in ways that ensure all voices are heard and integrated. Moreover, our expertise in performance management and measurement enables us to conduct rigorous comparative analyses and benchmarking to drive continuous improvement. With a strong emphasis on information management, we ensure that insights are not only generated but also effectively communicated, used in decision making, and leveraged for actionable outcomes.

We provide data collection, data processing, statistical analysis, and advanced data analyses. Our data scientists have expertise in machine learning methodologies and can do predictive modeling and data mining, from which we extract actionable insights to anticipate trends, identify high-risk populations, and optimize resource allocation. Our advanced analytics solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. We can create solutions for transforming results and data into information to support informed decision-making, and we also create digital tools, dashboards, and models to support end user needs.

This includes cost-effectiveness analyses, impact evaluation, burden of disease studies, HTA scientific advice and reimbursement submissions. Our approach integrates rigorous health economic modelling and research methods to inform decision-making and optimize healthcare outcomes. 

We can support you with HTA advice and reimbursement submissions. 

We are experts in navigating the legal and regulatory environment regarding healthcare and the EU. We closely monitor changes in legislation and have expertise in the interpretation of GDPR, MDR, EHDS and the AI act. We are experienced in bringing together different stakeholders to jointly build services and policies, and have often served as a trusted advisor for (for example) the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in Finland.

We can get clinical sites on board, and conduct testing or pilot programs to assess the feasibility, usability, and impact of a proposed solution in a real-world setting. We can provide results to identify potential flaws, refine functionalities, and optimize performance to meet the diverse needs of patients, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders. Validation can confirm that solutions achieve their intended outcomes, comply with regulatory standards, and align with evidence-based practices.

We are committed to studying and co-creating solutions with our partners, customers and with end-users that are financially viable, affordable, high quality, and that support all people’s needs. We can bring together all relevant stakeholders and describe use cases, explore exploitation pathways and create exploitation roadmaps. 

Our academic writing services provided by our research team of more than 10 PhDs focus on effective communication of findings, methodologies, and conclusions, adhering to the guidelines of academic journals or regulatory bodies. The write-up may include thorough data analysis, interpretation, and synthesis of existing literature. We always prioritize transparency, ethical considerations, and peer review to uphold scientific integrity and foster trust within the healthcare community.

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