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Nordic Healthcare Group (NHG) is a leading expert at solving complex challenges in health and social care. We work with social and health care organizations as well as life sciences companies across Europe and beyond.

Our services

NHG Advisory supports its clients in radically transforming the way health and social care is organised and delivered. We bring together different stakeholders to cocreate innovative new models aimed at improving the lives of patients, healthcare professionals, and everyone impacted by our social and healthcare systems. 

Our clients include public sector organizations, pharma and medtech, hospitals, investors, and private providers. Our key competitive advantage is the result of our extensive health sector expertise as opposed to generalist business knowledge.

Our offering

  • Management consulting 
  • Human-centred design
  • Hospital planning 
  • Strategy and transactions 
  • Value-based healthcare 

We at NHG are Nordic leaders in supporting digital transformations in health and social care. Our experts have various backgrounds ranging from technology to nursing, and from strategy to research. With these skills, we help our clients enhance, refine, and expand their operations across all their digital processes.  

We think that a properly conceived and executed digital transformation process should take a patient-first approach when redesigning the way health and social care services are produced – taking for granted that everything which can be digitalized, will be digitalized. Clever use of technology must enable a radical transformation of operations – helping our clients provide better health for people. We have five main areas of expertise – covering a broad spectrum of digital transformation competencies in health and social care domains.   

Our offering

  • Digital strategy consulting
  • Digital architecture consulting
  • Transformation design
  • Procurement services
  • Digital implementation

At NHG we believe that data-driven decision-making is extremely important, and a key driver for supporting a better health and social care delivery – both now and in the future. Because of this, together with our partners and clients, we have developed tools and processes that support better decision-making and knowledge sharing at all levels of health and social care organizations. 

Our expertise in data visualization and analysis positions us to support better decision-making in health and social care by benchmarking results to improve practices.  

Our offering

  • Data analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Dashboards  

NHG is at the forefront of health and social care research and innovation. We focus on identifying and solving the biggest system-level challenges in healthcare. Through our research projects, we strive to develop and promote user-centric and innovative solutions within the healthcare ecosystem and stimulate in-depth debate on how best to enhance efficiency and value in the healthcare sector.

We partner with large, international research consortiums in major EU-funded research and innovation projects, and we also participate in research and innovation projects within Europe at the national level. We have a unique understanding of healthcare systems and the operations, processes, and treatment paths within the system. Our network consists of leading universities, research institutions, clinical professionals, healthcare service providers, and hospitals – and we are actively looking to increase our partnerships.   

Our offering

  • Research projects
  • Real world evidence
  • Scientific publications
  • Innovation services

We help our clients solve a core problem: how to achieve rapid breakthroughs in the timeliness, quality, safety, and affordability of care, simultaneously. Our approach, known as Flowful, has consistently helped hospitals and care chains around the world achieve significant results within a surprisingly short period of time. Pride and Joy is a patient-centred and clinically led approach to improving flow across all patient pathways simultaneously. This is achieved by synchronizing the work of resources across the system, and through a focused approach to identifying and eliminating unnecessary sources of disruption and delay continuously.

Many healthcare systems around the world are increasingly struggling with long backlogs of patients waiting for care, costs rising more quickly than budgets/revenues, and shortages of skilled staff. This puts ever more pressure on staff, who may already be struggling, and risks jeopardizing the quality and safety of care. In many instances, the situation is becoming increasingly urgent. It isn’t sufficient to improve just one of these areas. We need significant improvement in all of these areas simultaneously.


  • Helping clients achieve, sustain and capitalize on breakthroughs in performance 
  • Managing change across hospitals and the wider chain of care by embedding the approach into daily practices 
  • Breakthrough software that increases patient flow in a surprisingly short timescale
  • Analysis capability to identify and resolve the few underlying causes of disruption and delay
  • Regular audits to help drive a focused process of ongoing improvement

We are the Nordic leaders in supporting pharma and medtech companies throughout the development and commercialization process.

We work closely with public and private healthcare organisations, patient groups, healthcare professionals, and decision-makers. We provide a holistic understanding of the healthcare system and practical know-how for achieving preferred outcomes and change.

Our team of experts comes from diverse backgrounds, ranging from data analytics, research, human-centered design, development, strategy, and implementation.

Our offering

  • Market access
  • Data access
  • Patient engagement and experience
  • Digital health
  • Patient journey
  • RWE and market research
  • VBHC implementation
  • Marketing and sales
  • Training and facilitations

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