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Digital health solutions – unlocking synergies with pharmaceutical products


Healthcare is experiencing a digital transformation which is reshaping the pharmaceutical market by disrupting traditional practices, market access, and pricing models. Life science companies are in need of new models, structures, and capabilities to innovate, develop, maintain, evaluate, and commercialize emerging digital solutions. These new solutions have a huge potential to complement and enhance the effectiveness of pharmaceutical products in the areas of personalized medication, clinical trials, and real-world data.


NHG’s multidisciplinary digital health solution team supports customers throughout the digital solution lifecycle – from R&D through exit. Our service offering includes:  

  • digital strategy  
  • solution concept  
  • UI/ UX design 
  • user testing and validation 
  • pilot and full-scale implementation  
  • public procurement and medical device applications 
  • internal capability building. 

NHG’s digital health team uses service design methodologies and behavior change models to ensure the engagement, evidence generation, and positive impact of each solution – locally, regionally, and globally.


NHG has been the preferred partner in the digital journey in many therapy areas and in many healthcare regions. Digital health solutions range from patient and caregiver support applications to integrated solutions that connect healthcare professionals and patients.