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Data solutions

At NHG we believe that data-driven decision-making is extremely important, and a key driver for supporting a better health and social care delivery – both now and in the future.


Vice President, Solutions

Tomi Malmström

+358 50 323 4775

Because of this, together with our partners and clients, we have developed tools and processes that support better decision-making and knowledge sharing at all levels of health and social care organizations.

Our expertise in data visualization and analysis positions us to support better decision-making in health and social care by benchmarking results to improve practices.

Data Insights

We have a deep understanding of social and healthcare data, especially from the Nordic countries. We believe that data insights are one of the most important tools for supporting effective changes in the delivery of health and social services globally.

We expertly handle and analyze data for health and social care systems across the Nordics and we have the platform for building on knowledge from some of the most advanced data-driven health systems in the world.

We recognize that every health system is different and therefore that the data from each system is different – in terms of breadth, depth, quality, and volume. For this reason, we have developed tools for decision-making and knowledge sharing in close cooperation with our partners and clients – at all organizational levels and across both the primary and secondary sectors. A key part of our collaboration with each of our partners and clients involves data handling and analysis in order to extract and deliver relevant and useful information that professionals need for their work.


Benchmarking offers decision-making support based on long-term monitoring of activities and development, and makes it possible to compare key metrics such as quality, costs, productivity, and resources to improve operations. It is also an effective way of sharing best practices across hospitals, sectors, municipalities, and regions.

Our benchmarking products uniquely combine BI dashboards and reports, insights, and a community for professionals. In Finland, our benchmarking peer-to-peer development has been a practice for already over 10 years, both in specialized medical care and also in primary care, elderly care, and dental care. Additionally, social care benchmarking pilots have started in recent years.


Based on an understanding of data, deep experience in value-based healthcare (VBHC), and advanced technical know-how, we implement both custom-build and productized dashboard solutions for visualizing data. The VBHC dashboards we develop are compliant with ICHOM’s (International Consortium for Outcomes Measurement) sets for outcomes measures.

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