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Turning data into dental excellence.

Clarity Dental turns raw data into actionable guidance for better dental care and provides the insights you need for top-tier dental performance.

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Why clarity dental?


Our Data-based insights are designed to improve the performance and quality of any dental service.  By tracking various dental health metrics, dental professionals can ultimately improve patient outcomes, allow managers to make informed decisions based on evidence, and enable dental practices to continually improve and adapt to new challenges.


Comprehensive and clearly presented metrics supports more accurate assessments of professional performance in ways that benefit both dental specialists and managers. Individual results can be applied in target setting and rewarding, as well as for identifying areas of expertise.


The Clarity Dental platform provides a holistic view of dental care value components for service provider management. Its intuitive interface ensures ease of use, allowing dental professionals to access and utilize critical metrics effortlessly.

Key Features

Quality improvement and operations development require continuous monitoring and comparison of carefully selected indicators. Working together with dental professionals and partners we have developed the Clarity Dental quality and performance dashboard – enabling leaders, managers, dentists, and dental hygienists to develop their team’s processes, effectiveness, and the quality of specific dental care procedures.

The quality and performance dashboard enables tracking of key clinical outcome metrics across time between clinics, clinicians, patients, and patient groups – thus improving transparency through the whole organization. The indicators have been selected based on years of experience from dental care professionals,

The easily customized quality and performance dashboard is compatible with any electronic patient record system – meaning it is EMR independent and is GPDR compliant. The indicators can be updated as often as on a one-month reporting interval.

Dental professionals are the ones who make change possible. Being able to measure each expert’s specific work quality ensures an organization’s ability to identify possible differences in outcomes between professionals. It also enables the rewarding of employees achieving high quality outcomes.

Our experiences in enabling measurements specific to dentists, hygienists, and dental nurses have been encouraging. The individual reporting tool allows management to use individual outcome measures in annual development discussions and help dental professionals define personal objectives – the tool provides each dental professional with their personal outcome results by email, quarterly.

The indicators for individual reporting can be easily customized on the quality and performance dashboard to fit the specific needs of the organization.

Clarity Dental regularly provides clients with insights and additional analysis on how to improve the operational model based on our expert analysis of the data. The analyses from the quality and performance dashboard are reviewed and discussed with the management team or the entire staff.

Our Clarity Dental team consists of oral healthcare professionals, data scientists, and experts in dental healthcare management consulting. They are happy to support our clients’ challenges in dental care – with the consistent goal of improving decision-making and overall quality.

Our benchmarking service uniquely combines our quality and performance dashboard with reports and expert insights, and also provides a support community for dental care professionals. In Finland, our benchmarking peer-to-peer development has already been in practice for over 10 years, and provide service for the majority of Finland’s public dental care sector – or around four million people.

Benchmarking offers decision-making support based on long-term monitoring of activities and development, and makes it possible to compare key metrics such as quality, productivity and use of resources to improve operations. It is also an effective way of sharing best practices across regions, municipalities, clinics, internally within the company units, external players and also internationally – leading to better quality and performance.

Clarity Dental’s predictive analytics feature can offer clear observations and insights into the future of any modern dental practice.

Predictive analytics provides the ability to consider future changes in need and demand in planning. This can ensure the right level of resourcing, illustrate your future cost saving potential – and help your practice stay one step ahead in delivering exceptional dental care. Our powerful and practical analytic tools can proactively shape the future of any dental practice, ensuring it remains at the forefront of dental excellence.

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Dentistry needs to change – Why and how? 
The white paper by Nordic Healthcare Group describes the key challenges in the current system and proposes that addressing the following six theses can influence dental health outcomes. 


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Tomi Malmström

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