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NHG Advisory supports its clients in radically transforming the way health and social care is organised and delivered.

We bring together different stakeholders to cocreate innovative new models aimed at improving the lives of patients, healthcare professionals, and everyone impacted by our social and healthcare systems.

Our clients include public sector organizations, pharma and medtech, hospitals, investors and private providers. Our key competitive advantage is the result of our extensive health sector expertise as opposed to generalist business knowledge.

Management Consulting

NHG management consulting combines high quality methodological standards and deep understanding of social healthcare system and its processes. We bring bring together different stakeholders to jointly build services, processes and innovations for the better health and wellbeing for everyone of us.

Human-Centred Design

Traditionally, health and social care services have been developed strictly from the points of view of professionals within the sector. NHG focuses on creating new ways of working and new service paths using existing resources. We also develop new ways of designing services with customers to truly create value while also supporting employees and management to embrace and commit to the new methods and processes.

Hospital Planning

NHG’s goal is to be the world’s leading company regarding the functional and ICT planning of hospitals in the future. We aim to lead healthcare systems and hospital networks towards a more people-oriented, value-based, connected and sustainable world.

With this in mind, NHG has deep experience in supporting the planning of new hospitals and the renewal of existing ones in ways that meet NHG’s vision of future needs for the entire social and health care system. We work to ensure that a hospital’s plans correspond with well-defined operational and financial targets and customer and employee needs. We are leaders in defining, designing, and helping to realize a fully digitalized hospital – where the latest ICT and medical technologies are harnessed to provide better care, and to gain resource and cost savings through increased automation.

Strategy and Transactions

We provide strategy consulting services for health and social care service providers and medtech companies as well as private equity and venture capital firms and real estate investors looking to invest in the health and social care sector in the Nordic and European markets. We support our customers on buy- and sell-side commercial due diligence, corporate and go-to-market strategy development, and implementing and executing the strategy.

Value-Based Healthcare

NHG provides full service support for value-based healthcare implementations. To employ VBHC in practice, we support providers, payers and life science industry in collecting and utilizing outcomes.

Our offering includes, for example:

  • VBHC strategy
  • Outcome metrics definition
  • Data collection
  • Data visualization and BI dashboards
  • Continuous improvement

NHG is a certified implementation partner for ICHOM (International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement) and thus works in close collaboration with ICHOM to enable international and standardized collection and comparison of outcomes while learning from the global best practices in VBHC.

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