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Life Science

Life science practice

We are the Nordic leaders in supporting pharma and medtech companies throughout the development and commercialization process.

We work closely with public and private healthcare organisations, patient groups, healthcare professionals, and decision-makers. We provide a holistic understanding of the healthcare system and practical know-how for achieving preferred outcomes and change.

Our team of experts comes from diverse backgrounds, ranging from data analytics, research, human-centered design, development, strategy, and implementation.

Our market access services:

  • Cost-effectiveness models
  • Budget impact models
  • Model adaptations
  • Health technology assessments, reimbursement and submissions
  • Global value dossiers
  • Landscape assessments
  • Evidence generation strategies
  • Pricing strategies and willingness to pay research
  • Value communication strategies and managed entry agreements

Market access

We offer guidance and support to life science companies in navigating the complex market access landscape.

With our comprehensive understanding of the healthcare system and in-depth knowledge of payer requirements, we help our clients to accelerate market access for their products and take action toward outcomes-based healthcare.

Our tailored approach and practical know-how enable us to deliver measurable results and drive success for our clients.

Our data access services:

  • Taking care of research permits and ethical approvals
  • Protocol and SAP writing
  • Descriptions of data extractions
  • Data validation and processing
  • Data analysis: descriptive statistics (e.g., invidence, prevalence, resource use, costs), statistical analysis (correlations, multivariate models, comparisons between groups utilizing matching), and advanced analytics (e.g., predictive models and machine learning)

Data access

Our advanced analytical capabilities and unique understanding of the healthcare market is further supported by our ability to access and identify relevant information and data across local, national, and international registries.

Our various scientific certifications – along with our long-term relationships with hospitals and other relevant organizations – enable us to extract and analyze data that supports all aspects of life science processes with evidence-based information.

Our patient engagement and experience services:

  • Patient experience research (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Patient organization and advocacy group research
  • Patient engagement blueprint
  • Engagement strategies and plans
  • Patient preference research
  • Patient personas

Patient engagement and experience

We help our clients build long-term patient engagement and ensure the patient experience is involved in decision-making – from clinical trials, to launch, and beyond.

Our digital health services:

  • User research and engagement
  • Service concept and prototype
  • Validation and piloting
  • Implementation and scaling support
  • Outcome measures
  • Marketing
  • Project management

Digital health

Our service designers work as integrated members of our clients’ development teams to co-create the UI/UX along with patients and healthcare professionals.

Our systematic co-creation improves patient engagement, and patient-generated data collection, and supports the creation of personalized content and features.

Our patient journey services:

  • Patient journey mapping
  • Data & insights collection
  • Patient journey visualization
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Co-creation workshops
  • Idea concepting
  • Publications
  • Public-private partnerships

Patient journey

We help our customers understand patient journeys holistically. Our behavioural science experts study patient preferences, experiences, and outcome data from patient groups across the Nordics.

In addition, we facilitate co-creation sessions within a multi-stakeholder setting to ideate the most effective future solutions, roles, and responsibilities.

All patient journey work is documented and published for its use in cost and reimbursement negotiations, cross-functional team collaborations, and bringing value to the patient and caregiver communities.

Our RWE and market research services:

  • Cost of illness & burden of disease studies
  • Virtual control arms and virtual studies,
  • Post-launch evidence generation
  • Treatment pathway/SoC mapping
  • Systematic reviews and target literature searches
  • Meta-analyses
  • Value of information analyses
  • P&R data and evidence generation
  • Outcomes based research
  • Label expansion studies
  • Hybrid data models
  • EMR based cohort modelling
  • Survival analysis and medical writing

RWE and Market Research

We provide market research and study services that help our clients to stay ahead of the competition, understand market dynamics, and make more well-informed decisions.

Our team of researchers can build and analyse complex data models, leveraging the latest methodologies to deliver deep insights and actionable recommendations.

With our extensive experience in the healthcare industry and our customer-focused approach, we help our clients unlock the full potential of their products and services.

Our VBHC implementation services:

  • Implementation support – local, regional and global 
  • Outcome and measure selection 
  • Private-public partnerships 
  • Scientific publications 
  • VBHC training for different stakeholders 
  • ICHOM cooperation 
  • Data architecture, data collection and solution support 
  • Patient engagement, PROM collection ideation and support
  • Outcome visualization support (e.g., dashboard solutions) 
  • Continuous improvement, benchmarking and change management 

VBHC Implementation

As a partner of the global value-based healthcare implementation organisation – the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM) – we have extensive know-how in VHBC strategy, outcome measures, data collection, patient engagement, data visualization, and agile implementation.

We support our life science clients in forming value-based partnerships with Nordic and other European hospitals to collect and utilize outcomes for clinical, management, and research purposes.

In addition, we accelerate the development of PRO solutions that are desired by users and drive for behavioural change.

Our marketing and sales services:

  • Brand  and visual design
  • Marketing strategies 
  • Concept design 
  • Market research 
  • User personas and preferred channels
  • Treatment landscape mapping 
  • BI dashboards 
  • Sales training 
  • Value proposition and key messages

Marketing and Sales

Our experts support our clients’ in-house marketing and sales teams in creating personalized customer experiences by utilizing behavioural data, user preferences, and user journeys to co-create desired content in desired formats and channels.

Collaboration with DataKit and content and graphic designers ensure that plans, actions, messages, value propositions, and materials are meaningful and easy to understand, and bring measurable value.

Our training and facilitations services:

  • Expert forum facilitation
  • Service design training
  • Patient journey mapping and human-centered design
  • Value-based healthcare keynote speaker
  • Patient engagement and experience keynote speaker
  • Co-creation 
  • Design sprints

Training and facilitations

We train our customers to the latest trends, research, insights, data and partnership possibilities.

We help to accelerate the knowledge sharing and skill development in patient journey mapping, patient centricity, value-based healthcare, future leadership, and co-creation.

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