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About us

About NHG

Our vision

We believe in sustainable, human-centered, connected, and outcome-driven health and social care – to improve the lives of everyone.

Our work philosophy


We believe in putting people and their unique needs at the center of everything we do. Listening to all stakeholders and understanding their wants and needs – practicing empathy – is the starting point of our human-centered approach to solving problems. Similarly, we care about the well-being and personal development of every person in our network.

WE ARE connected

We believe in building health and social care systems through which information flows seamlessly, where there is clear accountability, and where all people feel truly empowered and respected. We achieve this through relentless collaboration, co-creation, and innovation.

WE ARe outcome-driven

We believe in the projects we work on and approach them with an entrepreneurial spirit and persistence. Our unwavering commitment is to deliver the best possible health and social care services with the most efficient use of society’s limited resources. To accomplish this, true costs and outcomes should be systematically measured throughout the entire healthcare and social system. We support each other in taking initiative and acting boldly.

WE ARE sustainable

We believe that our social and healthcare system should be socially, environmentally, and economically viable. We are committed to co-creating solutions that are financially viable, affordable, and high-quality, and that support all people’s needs.

WE have fun

We take on new challenges with enthusiasm and a positive attitude. In fact, we strongly believe that having fun together can create significant value.