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Digital transformations

We at NHG are Nordic leaders in supporting digital transformations in health and social care. Our experts have various backgrounds ranging from technology to nursing and from strategy to research. With these skills, we help our clients enhance, refine, and expand their operations across all their digital processes.

We think that properly concepted and executed digital transformation process shall take a patient-first approach for redesigning the way health and social care services are produced – taking for granted that everything which can be digitalized, will be digitalized. Clever use of technology must enable a radical transformation of operations – helping our clients provide better health for people. We have five main areas of expertise – covering a broad width of digital transformation competences in health and social care domains.

Digital strategy consulting 

Our digital strategy experts guide our customers in building a better connected and more functional health and social care system.  

We help identify and solve major real-world problems with impactful digital operating models and solutions. Digital transformations are designed end-to-end, backed with a proper business case to build on. In the next phase, we help organize and resource the implementation.  

Our primary customer base consists of public healthcare providers. We also work with medical technology vendors in helping create their product development and market entry strategies.

Digital architecture consulting

We help our clients create coherent enterprise architectures with a strong focus on interoperability on all levels. We have deep domain knowledge in health and social care, including an understanding of governing legislation. This means we also understand what cannot be done within the domain’s regulatory framework.   

We help our clients choose the most suitable enterprise architecture methodologies and frameworks – and also help them to use these tools to create seamless interoperability. We are very familiar with industry-specific information models such as HL7.  

Our long-standing customers include ministries, national authorities, and healthcare providers.  We also work with international EMR vendors to help them to comply with local requirements.

We help both public and private clients in social and health care and medtech digitalize everything that can be digitalized.

Transformation design

We strive to stop innovation failures in health and social care. We do this by applying design-based approaches to support policy and decision-makers, healthcare professionals, and patients through systematically led business transformations.  

Our experts combine a solid understanding of health and social care with design thinking. We have the expertise to conceptualize what the right technologies can offer. We utilize methodologies derived from design thinking, such as end-user studies, requirement analyses, usability assessments, pilots, and field trials. We also conduct feasibility studies and can evaluate value. These are essential in major transformation projects such as redesigning hospitals and renewing EMRs.  

Many of our clients are public healthcare providers. Private enterprises, such as pharmaceutical companies, often sponsor the projects.


We help our customers gain more value on the money spent by helping them get the most out of their procurements.  We conduct market surveys, help shape procurement strategies and drive public procurements.  

We are particularly familiar with healthcare domain ICT procurements such as EMR systems as well as medical and hospital technologies.   

Our primary customer base is public providers. We are consultants to many of the largest hospital building projects in the Nordics as well as advisors to major EMR procurements.


We work in a growing number of international assignments with the goal of digitalizing the select process with help of latest technology. In doing this, we also partner with select technology vendors. Our special areas of expertise include digital first primary care, where we strive to enable a paradigm shift towards virtual primary care. In Digital home care, we seek to enable seamless care in home settings by utilizing emerging technologies such as remote monitoring of vitals and automated dispensing of medication.  

Within the Nordics, we work mainly with public and private healthcare providers. Outside the Nordics and in select cases we work in partnership with leading ICT and medical technology vendors.

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