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Breakthroughs in Patient Flow

We help our clients solve a core problem: how to achieve rapid breakthroughs in the timeliness, quality, safety and affordability of care, simultaneously. Our approach, known as Flowful, has consistently helped hospitals and care chains around the world achieve significant results within a surprisingly short period of time.


  • Helping clients achieve, sustain and capitalize on breakthroughs in performance
  • Managing change across hospitals and the wider chain of care, by embedding the approach into daily practices
  • Breakthrough software that increases patient flow in a surprisingly short timescale
  • Analysis capability to identify and resolve the few underlying causes of disruption and delay
  • Regular audits to help drive a focused process of ongoing improvement

Senior Partner

Johan Groop

+358 50 358 1610

Flowful is a patient-centred and clinically led approach to improving flow across all patient pathways simultaneously. This is achieved by synchronising the work of resources across the system, and through a focused approach to continuously identifying and eliminating unnecessary sources of disruption and delay.

Many healthcare systems around the world are increasingly struggling with long backlogs of patients waiting for care, costs rising quicker than budgets/revenues, and shortages of skilled staff. This puts ever more pressure on staff, who may already be struggling, and risks jeopardizing the quality and safety of care. In many instances, the situation is becoming increasingly urgent. It isn’t sufficient to improve one of these areas. We need significant improvement in all of these areas simultaneously.

The Flowful approach offers a surprisingly simple solution to freeing up capacity that is trapped by the way the system operates. This allows for reducing both backlogs of patients waiting for care and the burden on staff while improving the quality and safety of care, and also satisfying increasing levels of demand, with no additional resources.

Healthcare systems are seemingly complex, consisting of a myriad of interacting and ever-changing patient flows. The key to achieving a breakthrough across such systems is to adopt a system-based view to identifying and managing the few leverage points, which govern the performance of the system as a whole.

At the core of our strategy is our ability to identify in these complex environments those few places causing the most disruption and delay to the most patients – and to synchronize the work of resources across the system, according to the individually varying needs of patients. This patient-centered, clinically led, and software-enabled approach creates rapid breakthroughs in flow across all patient pathways simultaneously.

It is an evidence-based approach, where we use reality to identify where and how to focus improvement efforts for the greatest impact on the system. Understanding the costs associated with not changing provides a currency that helps prioritize improvements and create the will for change.

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