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What does NHG’s internationalization mean for our customers?

We at NHG have been investing in our operations in the Nordics as part of our growth strategy. Our aim is to offer solid expertise in social- and healthcare and international benchmarking possibilities for our customers. This summer, we have taken two remarkable steps in our internationalization: first, we acquired Denmark-based Health Innovation Institute (H2I) as part of Nordic Healthcare Group and then, second, we entered a strategic partnership with Sweden-based Lumell Associates. We find these steps meaningful from our customers’ as well as our employees’ perspective.

For the first time, NHG is now able to offer our customers the services they need on a Nordic level. We have a network of 180 top professionals operating in Finland, Denmark and Sweden but also, through comprehensive experience, having an understanding of the field of social and healthcare in Norway. We respond to our customers’ needs by offering Nordic coverage in social and healthcare research, strategy advise, go-to-market analysis, data analysis in value-based healthcare, RWD research, and commercial due diligence. Our Nordic joint network with Lumell serves especially the needs of the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare technology companies, and private equity, but offers also a great platform for benchmarking operations, sharing best practices, and creating joint research projects for the public sector.

We believe, that NHG’s Nordic level insight on social and healthcare also adds value to those customers’ only operating locally in one country. For our employees, internationalization means a better learning environment, deeper understanding of other countries’ social- and healthcare systems, and the opportunity to work abroad. All these are important factors in ensuring that we have the best expertise in our team also in the future.

The challenges social- and healthcare systems will face in the future will be very similar in all Nordic countries. The elderly population is growing, there is a lack of personnel, digitalization needs to be executed, and new treatments taken into use – at the same time costs are increasing fast and value-based healthcare models are needed to be implemented. In a situation like this, it is important to understand, what we can learn from similar service systems. This way we can avoid the biggest pitfalls. We at NHG are ready to help you with any issue in social- and healthcare in the Nordics. Our strength is our deep knowledge on the social- and healthcare services and service system on a Nordic level. I hope we can be soon support your organization in Nordic level challenges!


Vesa Kämäräinen, Group CEO, NHG