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Preben Andreassen has been appointed CEO of NHG Sweden AB

We are glad to announce that Preben Andreassen has been appointed CEO of NHG Sweden AB as from 3th October. Congratulations Preben!

Preben has acted as NHG’s country manager in Sweden from July, and prior to NHG, he acted as the CEO and business owner of Precuris Ab, a company acquired by NHG in 2023. Preben has almost 20 years of experience in various roles, for example Consultant, Chief Projects Officer and Project Manager, in different aspects of healthcare projects, such as hospital extensions, improving orthopedic operations and supporting project management. He’s also a co-founder and chair of the board of Upptimely, a modern and intuitive asset and performance management system for the healthcare sector and founder of other companies as well.

“I’m thrilled that Preben has joined NHG! Preben and the team in Sweden will continue their amazing work with delivering the best possible health and social care services in the Swedish market to support all people’s needs. With Preben’s experience, the team will take a leading role of solving the wide range of complexities in the healthcare and life sciences in Sweden”, says James Campbell, CEO at Nordic Healthcare Group.

“I’m really excited to take on this new challenge and to get things forward in Sweden. From August until September, we have been working with our new strategy and will now put that in practice. Especially, I’m looking forward to the continued work with our clients to help them solve the complex challenges in healthcare in accordance with our vision”, Preben commented.

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