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Introducing Flowful: Breakthroughs in Patient Flow

How to achieve rapid and sustainable breakthroughs in the timeliness, quality, safety, and affordability of care simultaneously?  

Let us introduce you to the Flowful approach, which consistently has helped hospitals and care chains around the world achieve significant results within a surprisingly short period of time. 

Flowful (previously called Pride and Joy) is a patient-centered and clinically led approach to improve flow across all patient pathways simultaneously. This is achieved by synchronizing the work of staff and resources across the hospital, and by identifying and improving on the few critical things that cause the most unnecessary disruption and delay to most patients using advanced analysis.  

Healthcare systems and hospitals around the world are struggling with long waiting times for patients, lack of skilled healthcare professionals, and rising costs.

Many healthcare systems around the world are increasingly struggling with long backlogs of patients waiting for care, costs rising quicker than budgets and revenues, as well as shortages of skilled staff. These phenomena put ever more pressure on staff, who may already be struggling, and risks jeopardizing the quality and safety of care. It isn’t sufficient to improve one of these areas. We need a breakthrough in performance in all of these areas simultaneously. 

Flowful is both a dedicated easy-to-use piece of software and a set of processes that help hospitals free up capacity that is trapped by the way the system operates. For clinical staff, Flowful’s patient, task and bed management tools help to syncronise and prioritise work troughout the hospital. For executives and improvement teams, Flowful’s analysis tools and dashboard give a detailed look into the most critical improvement areas. For the patients, this should lead to improvements in care as well as decreased in lengths of stay and delays in care. 

At the core of Flowful is the ability to identify those few places causing the most disruption and delay to the most patients in complex environments. 

Healthcare systems are seemingly complex, consisting of a myriad of interacting and ever-changing patient flows. The key to achieving a breakthrough across such systems is to adopt a system-based approach to identifying and managing the few leverage points, which govern the performance of the system as a whole. 

At the core of our strategy is our ability to identify in these complex environments those few places causing the most disruption and delay to the most patients – and to synchronize the work of resources across the system, according to the individually varying needs of patients. This patient-centered, clinically led, and software-enabled approach creates rapid breakthroughs in flow across all patient pathways simultaneously. 

Read more on Flowful. 

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