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ICHOM & NHG blog follows unique national stroke patient pathway pilot project in Estonia

Philips, Nordic Healthcare Group (NHG) and local partner Meditsiinigrupp will support public payer Estonian Health Insurance Fund (EHIF) in a two-year Stroke Patient Pathway Pilot Project by providing IT solutions for measuring the outcomes and costs of ischemic stroke care.

This pilot project involves 4 out of 6 hospitals in Estonia providing acute stroke care, and thus, it will be possible to benchmark hospitals through different perspectives: patient-reported outcome measures, clinical outcome measures, and costs. Benchmarking enables one to detect and learn from best practices. If the process is successful, the measuring can be extended in Estonia to further hospitals and conditions.

In the pilot project, the patient health outcomes data will be collected and analysed with patient-reported outcomes measurement software from Philips through standardized and validated questionnaires. Financial information will be provided by the EHIF. NHG, which in 2019 became ICHOM’s (International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement) certified implementation partner in the Nordic region will combine this information into a visual dashboard, creating a correlation between the cost and outcomes data. Through the dashboard, professionals can compare the outcomes and the costs between the separate hospitals, as well as the clinicians. Hospitals also gain knowledge for their stroke patient pathway improvements. Standardising the outcomes in regard to the patients’ baseline situation enables comparable indicators, such as the patients’ ability to function, the success of returning to employment, and the flow of the care process.

These partnerships have been formed as a result of ICHOM’s Implementation Partnership Programme. Together with NHG, we have created a blog demonstrating the progression of the project over the coming months.

Visit the ICHOM&NHG blog and follow-up on the project.