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Unique collaboration between DataKIT and Nordic Healthcare Group to provide valuable insights into healthcare professionals’ treatment decision-making

DataKIT, a Finland-based start-up primarily owned by Duodecim Medical Publication Ltd, provides unique data on the searches healthcare professionals make when looking for treatment options. The collaboration with Nordic Healthcare Group (NHG), which started in March 2023, enables the combination of this data  with profound insights from the healthcare industry to produce better and more effective treatments for patients. 

Terveysportti health portal, a unique data source for searching medical information, is used by all Finnish healthcare professionals to support treatment decision-making. Terveysportti receives more than 100 million searches every year, and thus, it gives a good picture of the day-to-day work of healthcare professionals, and the real-world behavior behind treatment decisions. Besides Finland, Terveysportti’s medical articles are also used in some other European countries. 

DataKIT utilizes the search data from the Terveysportti portal. This data can help, for example, in understanding safety-related aspects that ensure proper patient care and in providing targeted education to healthcare professionals regarding the safe and correct use of medicines.  

NHG’s vast understanding of health information and combining different data sources gives the life science industry the opportunity to produce better quality services in healthcare. The combination of already existing data sources with Terveysportti’s search data is globally unique and helps to understand the needs of healthcare professionals and their treatment decisions, for example, for patient journey mapping. 

“I am extremely excited about the collaboration we are developing with NHG. It allows DataKIT and NHG to produce high-quality information for healthcare, where NHG’s know-how is in a class of its own. Cooperation enables the integration of information sources, which enriches the understanding of our mutual customers in producing better and more effective healthcare for patients. For the life science industry, the understanding of healthcare increases when DataKIT services are combined with new data and, thus, they can provide healthcare operators with services that are needed.”, says Kalle Snicker, CEO, DataKIT. 

“The collaboration between NHG and DataKIT offers tremendous opportunities for pharmaceutical and medtech companies also beyond the Nordics. To gain understanding what information healthcare professionals look for to treat patients throughout primary and secondary care, gives unique insights on how treatment decisions are made for the benefit of the patients. The insights gained from Finland’s combined data are internationally significant since they offer a view into the information that has led to certain treatment decisions”, commented James Campbell, CEO, NHG. 


Tomi Malmström, Vice President, Solutions at NHG, / +358 50 3234775

Kalle Snicker, CEO at DataKIT, / +358 400 526597

Tatu Miettinen, Medical Director at DataKIT, /+358 40 1901888 

DataKIT Oy is a start up company providing analytics of Healthcare Professionals treatment decision and helping its customers to create services which are targeted and fullfil unmet need for patient best. 

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