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New CEO James Campbell accelerates Nordic Healthcare Group’s internationalization and growth

Nordic Healthcare Group (NHG) is growing and extending its international footprint. James Campbell has started as NHG’s CEO to accelerate and lead the next phase of the company as from 8th August 2022.

Campbell has extensive international experience in life sciences, pharma, digital health, and social and healthcare consulting. Before joining NHG, he worked as Managing Director of Transformation at Roche at headquarters in Basel, Switzerland where he led the global business transformation for pharmaceutical development.  Previously, he worked at Accenture as a strategy consultant, and as an entrepreneur he launched and scaled a management consulting and solutions company operating across Canada and the United States.

NHG’s cofounder and long-term CEO Vesa Kämäräinen has been appointed to the company’s Board of Directors. Vesa has led NHG successfully for over 15 years and, during that time, it has grown into the leading health and social care advisory and analytics firm in the Nordics with more than 200 employees.

“NHG has grown magnificently from a small start up to a unique and market leading company in its field. NHG has also taken decisive steps in extending its impact internationally in recent years. I thank Vesa Kämäräinen for these fantastic outcomes in the past 15 years and warmly welcome Vesa to the Board of Directors.

I am very pleased to welcome James Campbell to lead the next phase of the company as the new CEO for NHG. James has a profound footprint in transforming health sector organizations and building international businesses. He also has extensive experience from professional services companies. We are excited of NHG’s strategy and believe James is a great fit for leading the company into the next phase of growth and internationalization,” Juko Hakala, Chairman of the Board at NHG commented.

“I am thrilled to be joining NHG and honored to be working alongside our world-class team of experts who are passionately enabling new and innovative change in social and healthcare across the Nordics and internationally. Working with our clients and partners across the health system allows NHG the unique opportunity to deliver insights, solutions and thought leadership that can have a profound impact in improving the health and wellbeing of all citizens and that’s why I am incredibly excited to join this fantastic company,” James Campbell, CEO at NHG said.

More information:

Chairman, Juko Hakala, / +358 40 772 5597

CEO, James Campbell,  / +358 50 479 9595

Communications and Marketing Director, Milja Saarimaa, / +358 41 503 1336

Nordic Healthcare Group (NHG) is a company founded in 2004 in Helsinki, Finland. NHG is specializing in offering advisory and analytics services for social- and healthcare in the Nordics. Our clients include hospital districts, national and regional public organisations, municipalities, private service providers, pharmaceutical companies, private equity investors and healthcare technology companies. We employ more than 200 experienced professionals and young talents.