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Ilari Arponen

Ilari Arponen joined Nordic Healthcare Group as an analyst in 2020 and currently works as a consultant in the strategy team. Ilari, who graduated with an M.Sc. in Technology from Aalto University’s Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, got familiar with NHG through a career fair organized by his university. After a conversation with NHG’s representatives, he became certain he would apply. Ilari already had experience in similar roles during his time working at an international consultancy and an ICT company, but at NHG he would have the opportunity to focus on all his professional interests – strategy, market research, and of course also social and healthcare.  

He started his journey as an analyst in the strategy team, and after a year and a half was promoted to consultant. According to Ilari, analysts tend to focus on specific issues, while consultants look more at the big picture. In addition, as a consultant, you get to support and guide analysts in their work. Ilari’s current tasks at NHG mainly consist of strategy-related projects and market research in the social and healthcare sector. Ilari remembers his first major commercial due diligence project, where the objective was to support the client in making an investment decision through various studies in the Nordic countries. The project involved active cooperation with a local partner in Sweden as well as NHG’s team in Denmark. Other projects have consisted, for example, of studies about real estate transactions in the social and health care sector. According to Ilari, the customers are mainly investors and private-sector service providers. He says that it is pleasant to work with them as they tend to be highly professional and competent. 

Ilari has always been motivated by interesting projects and problem-solving. At NHG, the versatility of problem-solving makes the work very interesting. The work can include both qualitative and quantitative analysis as well as drawing conclusions from many different sources. In addition to interesting challenges, Ilari highlights the role of team spirit at NHG, pointing out that “it is great to know you always have a supportive and competent team backing you up”. Ilari has also always valued the constructive feedback given and received at the end of each project, seeing it as a major factor in supporting learning and motivation.   

When it comes to work-life balance, Ilari sees the flexibility at NHG as a huge plus. He is passionate about endurance sports, especially running and skiing, and the company’s flexibility has allowed him to be active according to his own preferences. In addition to that, he has found the open culture at NHG to support his well-being at work, especially since he knows that his opinion is always valued and considered. He also highlights the relaxed and youthful working atmosphere, and mentions that he has also formed friendships with NHG colleagues outside of work. When it comes to his best memories at NHG, he states that they consist of all the joint events that have been arranged. The trip to the Finnish ski resort Tahko has been particularly memorable for Ilari, as well as the summer parties with all the other employees, and dinners with his own team. 

According to Ilari, the years have been full of learning and good memories. He has learned a lot about consulting as well as social and health care and has made many new friends and acquaintances. Ilari has also had the freedom to delve into the areas that interest him the most, such as strategy.   

“I must say the start of my career at NHG has been very delightful and rewarding, and I’m excited about the new challenges ahead in our projects,” Ilari says.