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New construction of CHOPIN at Karolinska University Hospital Huddinge

CHOPIN (Centrum at Huddinge for Operation and Intervention) is a construction project to build premises and secure surgery capacity at Karolinska University Hospital’s site in Huddinge, south of Stockholm. Skanska is the main contractor and chose to bring NHG (prev. Precuris) onto the project team, both to secure management support, and to further boost know-how in hospital construction projects and medical equipment.

The new 29,000 sq.m. building will house, among other things, a sterilization unit, 23 operating rooms, eight intervention rooms, 21 X-ray imaging rooms, and various support spaces. As well as providing management support in the planning phase, NHG (prev. Precuris) also reviewed the system documentation. This involved, for example, examining and investigating floor plans, technical solutions and different flows, and then reporting any shortcomings and appropriate remedial measures. The overall aim was to keep to the project budgets and schedules, and also to optimize resources and build an even better hospital.

CHOPIN aims to be an attractive, sustainable environment that takes Karolinska Huddinge into the future of healthcare. This entails more than just new premises, smooth flows and new technology; it also means being open to the fact that needs will change, and technology and systems will need to be replaced in the future. One of the main goals of the project was therefore to establish infrastructure that can support development over time.

In the execution phase, NHG (prev. Precuris) was responsible for reviewing basic documentation, quality assuring data from the medical equipment ahead of its procurement, and also coordinating the equipment.

The project in figures

  • 29 000 m² Construction
  • 23 Operating rooms
  • 8 Intervention rooms
  • 21 Examination rooms