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Project management MTU at Capio St. Göran Hospital

NHG (prev. Precuris) has had overall responsibility for the construction and refurbishment of Capio St. Göran Hospital in Stockholm.  Along with management, coordination and general project operations, NHG (prev. Precuris) has also been responsible for the new medical equipment.

NHG (prev. Precuris) has provided support in the MTU procurement and has been responsible for planning, installation, risk analysis, validation, calibration, and commissioning of the equipment. The project encompassed several departments, including IVA, IMA, Obstetrics*, Radiology, a sterilization unit, and an endoscopy unit.

To meet requirements while keeping to budget, it was important to start strictly from the hospital’s actual needs when choosing the appropriate level of the medical equipment. The project enabled NHG (prev. Precuris) to deploy several of its strength areas: project management, technical expertise, and experience of healthcare and related buildings.

*During the project, Capio St. Göran Hospital decided not to relocate this department.  This entailed modifying the relocation plan, in which NHG (prev. Precuris) was also involved.

What we did
  • Management and administration
  • Planning and commissioning
  • Installation, functional testing, inspection
  • Scheduling and coordination
  • Planning and functional requirements for the rooms
  • Guidance and support in many project aspects
  • Call-off management, ordering and delivery coordination
  • Support and planning for training and operational relocation
  • Final function checks and clinical test operation

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