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Martin Lucas Jørgensen

Currently working as a senior consultant at the Danish office, Martin Lucas Jørgensen started his career at NHG in 2020 as a consultant. He studied economics at Copenhagen University where he became familiar with the healthcare industry through various courses and writing his Master’s thesis. Martin worked in MedTech and hospital design as a consultant and analytics lead after graduating. It was during this time that he first met some of his current coworkers and learned of a consulting firm that was soon to be acquired by NHG. Having found healthcare advising highly interesting, Martin was set on his current career path.

Martin describes his job as versatile. He has the opportunity to work on a wide variety of tasks – from economic analysis to project management and sales – and he was also involved in developing NHG’s new strategy last fall. Through these experiences, Martin feels that he has learned many valuable lessons and skills, and advanced in his career.  Additionally, being able to work within different interest areas is what brings richness to his work. Currently, Martin works within both the Danish public sector and pharma projects reaching across the Nordics.

A current project that Martin has particularly enjoyed is one that he is working on with a pharma company and colleagues from the Finnish office. This project has provided many interesting perspectives which have deepened his knowledge of project management, data modeling, and health economic methodologies. Moreover, Martin appreciates the additional challenges international projects can sometimes present, as well as the chance to work with talented people across the Nordics. He believes that at NHG we can truly have a positive impact on the healthcare sector.

“We have a uniquely Scandinavian approach to healthcare and a high level of expertise. With this expertise and creativity, we can develop new products and offerings – and I think this is quite special.”

Put another way, Martin sees his work as a part of a bigger picture that can genuinely have a positive impact on our wellbeing. He views it as important to consider that his work, by enhancing the healthcare system, indirectly also benefits patients, thus making working at NHG meaningful.

Additionally, Martin highlights the importance of having supportive colleagues who allow room for mistakes and who use these experiences as valuable learning lessons.

“I think NHG is a good place for personal growth as well as career development, because you get to try a lot of different things and work on projects that are super interesting. I think one of the biggest strengths of NHG is our culture. I would say we have a very growth-oriented culture where everyone is always willing to help and learn together”.

At the Danish office, time is spent together around coffee and conversation flows in an informal tone. There is a low threshold to talk to colleagues about work or even to just joke around. Martin also mentions that he always has a good time when meeting new people from the Finnish and Swedish offices. Hence, Martin describes one of his most memorable experiences at NHG to have been the company trip to Estonia in 2022.

“We had an amazing party with a nice reception and an award show, it was really fun. Also, meeting colleagues face to face for the first time was great!”

Martin thinks it’s important to be able to work in a supportive environment. Trust between colleagues allows for more flexibility within the workplace, which consequently helps with balancing work life.

Although he finds his work to be very interesting and wants to keep getting better, Martin has learned to trust his gut feeling when it comes to managing his workload. In his opinion, having something outside of work that brings joy is important for one’s wellbeing. It is easy to find time for hobbies, which for Martin include creating electronic music and engaging in different sports like bouldering, because of NHG’s flexible and trustworthy workplace, culture.

“People tend to trust that you’re doing your best every day – and for this reason allow flexibility. I think that that’s a very modern way of running a business and it’s yet another thing that makes NHG special.”

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