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Severi Niskanen

Our Senior Manager and Data Team Leader Severi Niskanen started as a data analyst at Nordic Healthcare Group in 2016. Over the years his responsibilities have grown, while NHG’s data expertise has also expanded. 

”When I started, we didn’t have a separate data team yet,” Severi recalls. ”The data team was created about six months after I started. In the beginning, there were just four of us – now there are twenty. Meanwhile, the work has advanced, and the team’s know-how has become incredibly diverse.” 

Severi heard about NHG already during his studies, and became instantly interested. After working as a specialist in the industrial sector for several years, he decided to try a new direction in his career and switch to consulting. Even after five years, Severi has not regretted the opportunity to strengthen his expertise in a different sector. The constantly evolving job description as well as the possibility to modify it according to own interests still feels exciting. 

Severi’s career at NHG has been guided by a wide range of data-driven projects. In the beginning, he worked more on NHG’s benchmarking products, while nowadays the focus has shifted more to knowledge management tools. At the same time, Severi has been able to learn new things in real-world data studies, which combine research and data processing methodologies. For a data scientist, this is an opportunity to tackle data from different angles and contribute to developing completely new knowledge for the benefit of all. Severi’s current role includes leading the data team, supervisor work, internal development, sales, and working as a technical project manager. He gladly points out that although his role has advanced a lot, hands-on work is still a part of his job description.  

According to Severi, the best part of working at NHG are the skilled people – both colleagues and customers. The social and health care sector is changing and NHG gives one a chance to learn about it constantly. Severi is particularly motivated by bringing new knowledge into the world, especially when it comes to making decision-making in the social and healthcare sector more data-driven. 

”I’m excited to say that I am able to contribute to the development of this field. We can really do awesome things together”, says Severi. ”At NHG we’re able to work with things that really have an impact on people’s wellbeing.” 

As a working community, Severi finds NHG to be inspiring and full of know-how. The sense of community is high, and the shared trips have in particular given him many great memories. Our company trips allow one to develop deeper friendships with people you spend a lot of time with on a day-to-day basis. When not working, Severi spends time with his family and enjoys exercise and travel.